Monday, April 17, 2017

Pastor Wade preaches the 2017 Easter Sermon entitled 
"Some Things to Remember about that First Easter"
Matthew 28:1-10

WBC Youth Ministry
"Were you there" 

WBC Adult Choir
"Love Grew Where the Blood Fell"

Sermon Notes:
Title: Some Things to Remember About That First Easter
Text: Matthew 28:1-10

Intro: What a morning that first Easter must have been; the Agony of the last couple days. Never mind that Jesus told them exactly what was going to happen, His followers were disheartened. They were downcast and discouraged. As Scripture declares, pain comes in the night, but JOY comes in the morning. Well, it’s morning and it’s time to Remember. Let’s Read our Scripture and Remember some things about that First Easter.

1. Remember The Heart Of Mary (v. 1)

2. Remember That God Is All Powerful (v.2a)

3. Remember Death With Christ Is Not Final (v.2b)

4. Remember Rebellion Will Turn To Reverence (v.4)

5. Remember Jesus Turns Fear Into Faith (v.5)

Isaiah 41:10, 11 NKJV “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ “Behold, all those who were incensed against you Shall be ashamed and disgraced; They shall be as nothing, And those who strive with you shall perish.

6. Remember The Word’s Of Christ - He Speaks Only The Truth (v.6)

ILL - A story in a magazine tells of a little girl who went to the doctor. The doctor was trying to set the little girl at ease. As he looked into her ears, he said, "who’s in there, Mickey Mouse?" The little girl shyfully said, "no." The doctor looked into her throat and said, "who’s in there, Donald Duck?" She said, "no." He began to listen to her heart and asked, "who’s in there Barney?" She said "no, Jesus is in there, Barney’s on my underwear!" ILL - CHILDREN’S LETTERS TO GOD
b) Hunger for God’s Word. It is the only truth we have.
c) Cling to His promises.

7. Remember That Jesus Turns Anguish Into Joy (v.8)
JOY- Jesus-Others-You


8. Remember That Jesus Comes Looking (v.9)
a) He was looking for his disciples and met them to show them he was alive.

v  Let’s Remember the joy of that First Easter
v  Perhaps you are here and you are far from God…Come Home!
v  Perhaps, you have never made a public declaration of your Relationship with Christ.
v  Maybe, you need to take another step in the family of God through Church membership

Note: Sermon Outline used from Tiger Gullett.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday April 2nd 2017

Warrensville Baptist Church
Pastor Wade preaches a sermon on the Promise of Grace

The Promise of Grace
                       G- God Created Everything
R- Rebellion
  A- Atonement
  E-Eternal Life

WBC Choir
"Over in Gloryland"

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sunday Service March 19th 2017

Pastor Wade preaches a sermon entitled, Naomi, A Woman on A Mission.  Our passage is taken from Ruth 1:1-5 ***Note, Sermon notes are located at the bottom of this page...

WBC Choir "Just a little talk with Jesus"

Ruth 1:1-5   WBC 3/12/17
Intro: Today, our attention is focused on women who are “On Mission for God”. Our Scripture lesson is from the book of Ruth and our focus is on the life of Naomi. Much is learned from the book of Ruth. As we study into the book of Ruth we find many great stories that give much inspiration…  Stories like:
v  The Story of Ruth herself who would become the grandmother to David, and in the lineage of Christ on earth.
v  You have Boaz, who is a picture of Christ. He shows us the picture of redemption.
v  You have a beautiful love story that begins with a mother and her daughter in law and turns into a story of a man and woman.
v  You have a once child-less family, then see other women telling Naomi that Ruth is better than 7 sons.
v  You certainly have the story of Naomi and Ruth stepping out of their comfort zone.
But this message, we will examine the actions of Naomi and also compare them to the charge given to us in II Timothy 4, “Preach the Word, Be ready in season and out of season”.
The story of Naomi is the epitome of this charge. Naomi certainly was willing to follow the God of Israel, regardless of the cost. So, having the benefit of looking back to see the charge of Paul and to the example of Naomi, we shall examine our own lives and allow the Holy Spirit to direct our path.
God has certainly used women over the years is so many ways. Consider for a moment; Eve, Esther, Sarah, Lydia, Mary the mother of Jesus, and of Mary Magdalene and Martha.
There are at least 3 lessons we need to learn from Naomi’s life when comparing them to the charge of Paul.

I. Circumstances Discourage us.
J  Let me first define what I mean by preach: It means to proclaim or to deliver a message/sermon. We first must realize that much more preaching goes on outside the four walls of the church than inside. (This should not be because of the lack of the preaching of the pastor, but by the quantity of preaching done by the members.)
J  So, if we agree that using this definition of preaching, I believe that Naomi was a very powerful preacher.
J  We too must preach the word, but we must understand that there are circumstances that will come our way that will discourage us from doing so…
J  Notice Naomi’s Discouragement

A.   Discouragement of Change
a.      Change of conditions. V. 1
                                                              i.      There was a famine in the land, even though the meaning of Bethlehem means, “House of Bread”.
                                                            ii.      The Famine had spread into their hometown.
                                                          iii.      Her husband, whose name meant, “God is King”, was a godly man, but the Israelites were being punished for their disobedience to God.
                                                          iv.      Naomi and her family were not disobedient, but they had to pay the price.
b.      Change of Location. V. 1
                                                              i.       Her entire family had to be uprooted from what they had come to know as home.
                                                            ii.      Her sons, Mahlon and Chilion, which meant sickly & Failing, had to be moved.
                                                          iii.      After the move, her husband Elimelech passed away. What a shock! V. 3
                                                          iv.      Then, in Verse 5, about 10 years later, her sons died. Because they died at a young age, their names were certainly telling.
                                                            v.      Naomi had to deal with this, although there is no mention of her complaining.
                                                          vi.      It is only in Verse 13 that we see Naomi say that the hand of the Lord had gone out against her.
B.    Discouragement of Confusion.
a.      Confused about her role. V. 3
                                                              i.      As a single parent, she had some troubles. Notice, that she had no grandchildren.
                                                            ii.      In a time when women had very few rights, God placed the job of raising two sons on her.## In a foreign land at that.
                                                          iii.      Can we even begin to imagine what she was going through?
                                                          iv.      God, she must have cried out, what do you expect me to do here?
                                                            v.      What is your plan?
b.      Confused about her Responsibilities. V. 4
                                                              i.      Now, her two sons were taking foreign wives.
                                                            ii.      Now, Israelites were not strictly forbidden to marry Moabitess women, however they were descendants of Lot, and his very strange relationship with his oldest daughter.
                                                          iii.      We can certainly see where Naomi would have been discouraged from following after God because of the circumstances she found herself in.
c.       Confused about her Return. V. 5
                                                              i.      Lost her husband.
                                                            ii.      Lost her boys.
                                                          iii.      Living in a foreign land.
                                                          iv.      Consider verse 20 & 21 The Lord has dealt bitterly with me. I left full and have come back empty.  
Consider all Naomi went through in the last 10 years and decide for yourself, did she not have a reason to be discouraged? Now, look at our own circumstances. Do we have a reason to be discouraged?
See, we must be ready to preach the Gospel when Circumstances Discourage us, but also;
II. Comfort is Denied us.
In Scripture we find that Naomi was;
A.  Denied her Hometown.
a.       Sometimes God has His plan as to move us from our comfort zone.
b.      Naomi was to follow her husband, even though she was not sure about the future.
c.       There is no way she could see into the future to predict these circumstances.
d.      Don’t you think Naomi was like many other Jewish girls, Dreams of her future and family.
e.       Dreams of setting up house.
f.       There are times when God allows us to have our way, but there are other times, when we just have to trust Him.
B.     Denied her Heritage.
a.       Naomi’s family continued only through a relative and a daughter in law.
b.      However, God blessed her beyond measure. Listen to Ruth 4:13-17
c.       God took circumstances that could have discouraged her and the comfort that was denied her and blessed her beyond all other women.
d.      God Said to Naomi, Yes you are in a tough spot, but hang in there, your great grandson will be the King of Israel.
Not only should we be ready to preach the Gospel when Circumstances Discourage us, and when Comfort is Denied us….BUT
III. The Challenge is Declared
A.    Declaration of Strength 4:11-12
a.       People at the gates said; Make this home like our ancestors Rachael & Leah, which built Israel.
b.      Continue to make it strong.
c.       Notice how they bless this home with the Jewish tradition of the great leaders of the past.
d.      Now, that’s a challenge!
e.       There is excitement when we try to make it like it yesterday… The Good ole days!!!!
f.       But God made it better-stronger.
g.      We should always be looking to the future!!!
B.  Declaration of Sovereignty
a.       God took a man who was simply next of kin to Naomi’s husband and made him the redemptive savior to Ruth, which in turn gave Naomi everything she had ever hoped and dreamed for.
b.      It was God’s Timing- God’s Way- God’s Lessons.
c.       God is a Sovereign God and He does as He pleases!
d.      Our job is to do what Pleases Him too…
Yes, circumstance are going to discourage us, sometime comfort will be denied us, but we forever have until Jesus comes back a Challenge declared to us… Preach the Gospel!!!